Your business is our business.

Commercial Kitchen Factories Austin is owned and operated by a family of entrepreneurs and caterers who recognized the need for new, high-end shared commercial kitchens in Austin. 

We noticed something missing from many of Central Texas commissaries – outstanding customer service. We are 100% committed to the happiness of our tenants and the excellence of our shared kitchen because we are not only owners, but we cook here, too. If you’re successful, we’re successful.


Professional rental kitchen

Professional Business Environment & Free Extras

Our facilities are fresh, spacious, clean, friendly, and bright. Of course, kitchen space is just one piece of your business, so we designed a 360° work environment where you can cook and manage your business.

Free extras:

  • Frequent professional deep cleaning

  • Private office space for meetings, making calls, and computer work

  • Give presentations to clients in the demo space

  • Take a shower at the end of your shift

  • Schedule a consultation with our marketing specialist

  • Enjoy complimentary wi-fi, CCTV, and electronic door access

Food trailer kitchen

Outstanding Customer Service

Kitchen Factories goes above and beyond to provide dependable customer service. We do our best to keep you happy so we can have a long, productive relationship.

Our promise:

  • We answer phone calls and return emails in a timely manner (and with a good attitude).

  • You and your staff are treated with respect and empathy – no attitudes around here. We know how to listen.

  • When you have questions or special requests, we give straightforward answers.

  • When a problem or complaint comes up, we are available and open to a dialogue.